You just can’t miss St. Stephen’s Church in Kolkata


St. Stephen’s Church is located on Diamond Harbour Road, right next to St. Thomas School, Khidderpore. You can get the best view of this magnificent piece of architecture from the bridge over the Adi Ganga in Khidderpore.


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It has a unique rocket like steeple, which attracts the attention of almost everyone passing by it. Interestingly, the steeple has its design based on a ship’s lantern, meant to show light to the path ahead.


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Another probable reason for the ship lantern design might be because the Khidderpore port is just a stone’s throw away, and the area adjoining the church was thronged by seafaring people from all across the world.


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The official address of this hallowed church is 3 Diamond Harbour Road, approachable only after negotiating through the Khidderpore Bazaar.

Located in the middle of a small compound, it is the only peace you can find in one of the most chaotic areas of Kolkata.


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The foundation to the church was laid way back, on the 6th of January, 1844 to be precise, by the Governor-General of India with the Archdeacon Rev. Thomas.

It was opened to the general public in the same year, and was famously the place of worship for the Governor-General, who used to reside in Belvedere, or as we better know it now, the National Library.

It became a Chaplaincy in 1848, and in 1870 it became a Parish Church, and it still holds on to its Anglican roots, observing the same traditions in their service even now.


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The interiors are a sight to behold, with the most striking artefact being the intricate stained glass at the altar.

On the left of the altar, there is a pipe organ, which is functional even today.

The church has numerous plaques, which is dedicated to the seamen who died at sea.


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Post-independence, the church became desolated, and was eventually abandoned in the 1960’s, till it was resurrected by a social media campaign by the congregants in 2013.

Today, the church stands well restored, and the Sunday Mass is full again with the worshipping souls of the patrons.