Weekend Destinations for the long holiday this Holi


Another long weekend making its way through the first three weeks of March, is the festival of colours – Dol (Holi). In Bengal, this year Dol is on the 23rd of March. Next up is Good Friday on 25th March, followed by a Saturday and Sunday. With an applied leave for the 24th of March, a good long holiday can be enjoyed at nearby destinations such as Shantiniketan, Dooars, Sunderbans, Dawaipani, etc.



Shantiniketan is the perfect place to visit during the Dol Utsav or Holi as the celebrations speak more of culture. Mainly ‘Aabir’ is used for the festival of colours, instead of harmful colors! The perfect harmony of humanity with nature, is what Shantiniketan is famous for.

Along with celebrating the festival, other attractions are the Handicrafts Centre, the Visva Bharati University, the Art Gallery and even the Ballavpur Deer Park.

The stretch of holidays serves the itinerary perfectly. Not to mention, the extra time for leisure and relaxation.



The flora and fauna of Dooars, along with the pleasant weather welcomes you as an old friend.

Dooars is easily accessible through airways as well as railways. A flight to Bagdogra, or a train to the stations NJP, Hasimara or Alipurdwar takes you just a few hours away from the world so lively with nature’s pure presence.

From the morning prayers at the Sevoke Kali Temple to a visit to the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, the trip comes in various folds of attractions. There is also a good number of nearby destinations like Samsing, Sunthalikhola, Lataguri and even the South Khayerbari Tiger Rescue & Rehabilitation Center.



The perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. An escape to the home of the beautiful natural creeks and the intriguing fauna.

A walk through the simplicity of a village life, the early morning Boat Safari, the enthralling sail through the creeks, watching over the flora and fauna from the Sajnekhali Watch Tower, the museum, Mangrove nursery, and so on.

Drench yourself with the pleasantries of nature at her best.



As much as we shoot for the famous places, we ignore the nooks and corners which are as beautiful! Dawaipani is such a nook. A village named after medicated water, just three and a half Kilometres away from the town of Darjeeling.

Those who prefer tranquillity over the commercial eye-candies, it’s time for you to explore Dawaipani. And enjoy the wonderful harmony of nature, humans, animals and plantations, all together! Not to mention the homestays which make you feel like a member of the extended family nurtured by nature.

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