Top Bengali Kishore Kumar Songs To Make Your Day


Remembering the evergreen Kishore Kumar on his 88th birth anniversary with some of his evergreen Bengali songs by the legend himself.

Shing Nei Tabu

If you are sad, this evergreen fun song by Kishore Kumar is sure to lift your spirits up!


Aj Ei Dintake

This song is for those days that remain very special to you, always.


Akash Keno Dake

Tired of work? This journey song will leave you feeling refreshed.


Prithibi Bodle Gache

Staying strong, when the winds of change come? Then this song is for you.


 Chorodini Tumi Je Amer

For love that is eternal… #relationshipgoals


E Ki Holo

When life gives you lemons, literally.


Ei Je Nodi

The perfect melody for your riverside strolls…


Ek Palaker Ektu Dekha

When you are trying to woo your girl… #bae


Ekdin Pakhi Ure

For that melancholic feeling…


Hoito Aamake Karo

The perfect homecoming song.


Nayono Sarasi Kano

A song that intoxicates senses even today.


O Pare Thakbo Ami

People with long distance relationships can relate with this one. #ldr


Sedino Akashe Chhilo

Feeling morose? This is the song for your #metime.


Shei Raate Raat Chhilo

When some nights make you think about someone special…


Taare Ami Chokhe Ni

For the girl of your dreams


Amar Shapno Je Satty Holo

For every dream that came true.


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