Top 5 Pujabarshikis of 2016 every Bengali must have in their collection


    1. Anandalok

    Anandalok began its journey in 1975, becoming the Film and Celebrity magazine for the largest Media House in East India, the ABP Group. In sync with the current trends and events in the world of entertainment, Anandalok is primed with the latest news, celebrity interviews and fashion of the Film Industry. It would be wrong however to categorize Anandalok as a wholly entertainment industry magazine, as it also contains sports, music and politics in some measure; along with popular categories such as horoscopes and film reviews. This magazine is a must buy for all the cinema buffs out there.

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    2. Anandamela

    Anandamela is the most popular Bengali magazine for kids. It is not limited to kids though, as everyone is welcome to the ‘love and life’ magnification of Anandamela. From science to sports, stories to comics, adventure to astronomy, Anandamela provides the reader with a diaspora of content to choose from. If you browse through an Anandamela, you will find it full of novels, short-stories, poems, comics, sections on sport and science, riddles, crosswords, tourism and what not. Some of the eminent contributors of Anandamela include Satyajit Ray, Sunil Gangopadhyay and ShirshenduMukhopadhyay. In short, Anandamela is simply a colourful bundle of joy you can read out from.

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    3. Sananda

    Sananda is the exclusive ABP magazine for women, and adds to the edge of empowerment which permeates modern culture. The SanandaPujabarshiki covers a lot of topics from education to entertainment, music to make-up and recipes. It’s a must buy for every woman who likes to read.

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    4. Unish-Kuri

    Unish-Kuri was made keeping teenagers in mind, and sought to provide them with a platform for common minded and similar aged individuals, to come together and enjoy the best literature and journalism from like-minded peers. It’s the place you want to go to get career advice, relationship advice, how to tackle problems while growing up etc. Anything a teen might need.

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    5. Sharadiya Patrika

    SharadiyaPatrika is the premier literature kiosk for all, featuring some of the best Bengali writers. Short stories, novels, poems, reviews. The best of Bengali literature from the best of Bengali authors, all under one roof.

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