Tajpur, a seaside tourist spot on the shore of Bay Bengal located in East Medinipore, is 170 Kms. from the state capital Kolkata. Tajpur has dedicated 1400 acres of land to Pisciculture/Aquaculture. The tranquillity one may find in the seclusion of Tajpur attracts a handful of tourists from over the country to bask in the warm sea-sun. This spot is unique with its casuarinas and eucalyptus growth coupled with the serene sea-view.


A moderate sunny weather prevails in Tajpur throughout the year. The sea neither allows the temperature to rise too high or decrease too below the comfort zone.

Best time of the year to visit:

You can visit Tajpur all through the year. Nevertheless, winter should be the time you can enjoy can enjoy the observing the big Tajpur at its fullest.

How to reach:

The distance between Kolkata to Tajpur is 180 Kms approximately and can be reached within five hours by car and by train its three hours. By road it is 17 KM from Digha along the Kanthi-Digha Road. From Ram Nagar the distance is less but as most of the trains do not stop there aspiring tourists have to hire cars from Digha station itself. Trains that go to Digha are…

* Tamralipta express (Howrah)

* Kandari express (Howrah)

* Duronto Express (Howrah)

* Paharia express (Howrah)

What to do:

Tajpur offers various adventure sports options like para sailing, rafting, rock-climbing , kayaking and various other water sports.

How to get around:

Away from the urban pollution, the only transports available are rickshaws and shuttle cars.

Where to shop

To maintain the virginity and seclusion of the place no shops have been set up yet other than a few tea stalls in the beach.

Must try dishes:

Coconut water, fried crabs and other sea foods will be served for your palate delightfully.

Where to stay:

There are lots of good hotels and bungalows to accommodate considerable number of visitors. There are small shacks all over the place to relax under shades of trees. You will find rooms according to your budget starting from Rs 750 to Rs. 3000 per night & you can stay lavishly at Tajpur.

Must see places:

One can visit Digha and Mandarmani both the places are about 20 kilometres from Tajpur and takes about 30 mins to reach by car. Shankarpur sea beach is about 32 Kms from Tajpur and takes around 1 hour to reach.

Travel Tips:

If you can leave too early in the morning by car from Kolkata you can also visit Tajpur through a one day trip and come back on the same day by the evening.