Mythology of Devi Jagadhatri


In general, Goddess Jagadhatri is worshiped as a different form of Durga. In Sanskrit, Bengali and Assamese – the word ‘Jagadhatri’ literally means ‘Holder (Dhatri) of the World (Jagat)’.

According to the legend, the Devas, demons and humans started to deviate from the path of the Dharma in arrogance. They forgot the Supreme Being and refused to recognize it. Their ego made them consider themselves as self sufficient. To teach them a lesson and bring them back to the path of Dharma, Goddess Durga appeared in the form of light. It was so bright that it equaled to a millions of Sun and Moon put together.

The Devas, demons and humans realized their mistake and prayed to Goddess Durga to take back the light which would soon destroy the universe. The light transformed into Goddess Jagatdhatri, the sustainer of the worlds.

She is also known as Trisandhya Vyapini as she is believed to be present in three phases of the day – morning, noon and twilight.

Like most other Hindu deities, Jagadhatri is also has other names like Karindrasuranisudini (Slayer of the Elephant Demon), Maheswari (the Great Goddess), Shaktacharpriya (the Goddess who loves to be worshiped as according to the practices of the Shakta sect of Hinduism, or Shaktism), Adharabhuta (the Bearer of the World) etc.