Meen Dweep (Nayachar)

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Meen dweep is a charming river island, in the Hooghly River near Haldia in Purba Medinipur in West Bengal. Meen dweep which is also known as Nayachar is famous for its natural beauty and the exotic view of River Haldi bounding the island truly offers visual pleasure. The island is home to a large number of fishermen and the economy of the island depends entirely on fishing. The entire island is covered with mangrove forest and the West Bengal Fisheries Department has taken initiative to breed jumbo prawns here.

Weather around the year:

It has a moderate climate throughout the year. Winter temperature ranges from 7 degrees to 22 degrees Celsius. Summers can be very hot and humid and the hottest month is May, where maximum temperature rises up to 40 degrees. During monsoon season around June to September there is heavy rainfall observed.

Best Time to Visit:

You can visit at any time of the year but try to avoid the summer & rainy seasons.

How to Reach:

Train: The nearest railway station is Raichak .

Bus:  There are many buses available that go to Raichak from Howrah.

Ferry:  From Raichak you have to avail the ferry ride to finally reach your destination. Firstly you need to take a ferry ride to reach Kukrahati. From here you need to take a cycle van to reach another ferry ghat, from where you will find the ferries leaves for Meen dweep .

Must See Places:

Haldi river and its estuaries and its fisheries (Benfish) and the huge bheries for  which the island is famous  is worth seeing.

What to Do:

The island covers an area of 40 sq km and is a perfect spot for picnic lovers. You can play badminton and explore the island whole day and the beauty if the nature will keep refreshing your inner soul.
You can also go on a steamer ride or hire a country boat to sail through Haldi River to enjoy the cool and refreshing breeze. Keep your cameras ready as you may spot endangered butterflies.

How to Get around:

You can hire cycle from the local people if you want to go around. You can also avail boat rides to go to nearby places.

Must Try Dishes/Delicacies:

Fish is the local delicacy and the fresh shrimp dishes deserve a special mention.

Where to Stay:

There is only one rest house in Meen Dweep which provides accommodation for the tourists and it is offered by the department of fisheries. So if you want to spent the weekend over here you’ll need to make prior arrangements.

Travel Tips:

You can visit Meen dweep early in the morning and come back on the same day.
Keep a binocular and camera with you as a variety of rare butterflies and birds can be seen here.

Must visit Nearby Places:

Some tourist destinations people love to visit from Meen dweep are Kukrahati, Moynagarh, Tamluk Rajbari, Gopalijew Temple, Muktidham temple ,Haldia Dock and Balughata River Side Sunset Point. Destinations on the other side of Haldia like Raichak and Daimond Harbour can also be visited from Meen dweep.