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Maalpua is a sweet dish served as a dessert or a snack. It is prepared by crushing bananas & coconut with adding milk to the mixture. During the festive seasons like “Poush Sankranti”, “Rath Yatra” & “Jhulan Yatra” it is being prepared in most of the Bengali household and the guests are greeted with this sweet when they visit on those festive days.


Maida (Fine Wheat Flour), Rice Flour, Sugar, Water, Shredded Coconut, Ghee, Cardamom, Fennel seed, Semolina.

Interesting Facts:

Maalpua is not only the speciality of Bengal but is made in the other parts of the country as well. In different states it is prepared differently and has a unique taste and unique eating style. In ‘Maithili’ homes Maalpua is served during Holi festival. It is also considered as the favorite sweet of Lord “Sri Krishna”. Malpua is served to “Sri Jagannath Dev” (the famous deity of ‘Puri temple’) as a breakfast or ‘Sakala Dhupa’.

Present Scenario: 

Maalpua is a much loved dessert among the people of Bengal, but it is not commonly available in the sweet shops. A few shops are there in West Bengal who makes this delicious sweet, yet it is still a homemade delicacy of Bengal.