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Langcha is a tempting Bengali sweet that originated from “Saktigarh” village in Bardhaman district of West Bengal. It is a reddish – brown coloured cylindrical sweet that melts inside your mouth as soon as you put it inside. It is made of Cottage Cheese (Chhana) & dipped into sugar syrup. The sweet is very famous in Bengal and easily available in all the sweet shops. Many people travel miles from Kolkata to Saktigarh, just to taste the sweet.


Chhana / Paneer (Cottage Cheese), Khoya (Hardened condensed milk), White Flour (Maida), Fresh Cream, Sugar, Water, Cardamom pods & Saffron (optional).

Historical Facts:

This sweet was basically born in “Saktigarh” a place in Bardhaman district. Since then the hub of “Lagcha Shops” has been developed over there & Saktigarh has become a wonder place for this sweet product. Later on the sweet “Langcha” has gained much popularity across the state & started to be available in every sweet shop in West Bengal.

Present Scenario:

“Langcha Bhavan”, “Langcha Kutir”, “Langcha Ghar” & “Langcha Mahal” are the few of the well known sweet shops at “Saktigarh”, on the way towards Bardhaman through Durgapur Expressway. They are basically very famous for their unique recipes & the giant size of “Langcha” sweet. Many tourist including the celebrities had pay their visit at “ langcha bhavan” & “langcha kutir “ sweet shops, which are just about 2 hours drive from Kolkata. It is recommended for every tourist going to Bardhaman or Shantiniketan via NH-2 (Durgapur Expressway), take a halt at “Saktigarh” to taste this amazing dessert.

Also in Kolkata, you can find delicious “Langcha” in all the renowned sweet shops. “Bancharam”, “K. C. Das”, “Shoilo Sweets” (at Lake Town) & “Sri Hari Mistanna Bhandar” (at Bhawanipore) are few of them who are popular for this sweet of excellent taste.