Kheer-er Goja


Kheer-er Goja is a deep fried sweet dish of Bengal which is crunchy on the outside, moist and flaky inside. It is a tasty preparation which is much loved by the Bengalis.


Khasta Goja, which is a famous sweet dish of Orissa, may have been instrumental in the evolution of the simple Goja to “Kheer-er Goja”. The only difference between the two is that, the earlier one is simply made from flour and the later one has Kheer, filled inside it. So it can be assumed that the “Khasta Goja” had been evolved into “Kheer-er Goja” while the sweet makers were experimenting with this sweet item.


Maida (Fine Wheat Flour), Vegetable Oil / Ghee / Butter, Powdered / Caster Sugar, Saunf (Fennel seeds), Milk, Cardamom powder.

Present scenario:

Kheer-er Goja is a highly loveable sweet for the Bengalis and a popular sweet item in Bengal. It is available in the all the sweet shops and you must have a bite of this delicacy if you have the plan to visit in Bengal.