Ilish Festival – Every Weekend this August at Falta

While last year’s Ilish Festival took you to the banks of Sunderbans, this time the festival sails it way to riverside Falta.  Located just about a 1.5 hour drive from Kolkata, The Iris Hotel & Resort hosts the Ilish festival this time. A resort where you can reach at leisure by 4.00 pm, where you will be greeted with refreshments when you arrive.
                 Iris Hotel & Resort, Falta


        Swimming Pool, Iris Hotel & Resort, Falta


           Rooms, Iris Hotel & Resort, Falta

On checking in, you will be guided to your cosy rooms. By late afternoon, you will be served food and snacks while the DJs take to the console by 7pm. Dance like no one’s watching and by the time you’re hungry, you will be served dinner with steaming fried rice, fish fry and chili chicken at 11 pm.

                Ilish Festival
Next morning you’ll wake up to bed tea and then head to the buffet breakfast. Spend some time at the pool, before boarding on the steamer cruise, on the Ganga between 10 am to 3 pm, which includes the ideal Illish lunch platter, comprising:
Dab Illish, 
Illish bhaja, 
Sorshe Illish, 
Pui Sakh Illish 
and Illish er Tok. 
                     Ilish Festival
All the Illish to satiate your Illish cravings! Simply mouthwatering!
After the wholesome Illish meal you can make your way back at your own pace.
All this at a minimal cost of Rs 2230 along with 5% GST per person. The festival lights up each Saturday & Sunday of August.
Destination : Falta, IRIS Hotel & Resort.
Call Now for Reservations : Bjoy Mukherjee @ 9836525050.