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Haldia one of the major trading ports in India is a popular tourist attraction due to its outsized shoreline and its natural views. It is a popular industrial hub with most numbers of tourists every year and the Casuarinas coastline serves as a good picnic spot.  Haldia not only have visitors but also large numbers of people are employed in the industries from different parts of India. The fundamental significance of this place is the Industries which adds to the economy of the town and the River which is used for navigation. It is bordered by Haldi River which is an offshoot of the River Ganges.


Haldia has a moderate climate throughout the year .Winter temperature ranges from 7 degrees Celsius to a high of 22 degrees Celsius. Summers can be very hot and humid and the hottest month is May, where maximum temperature rises up to 39 degrees. During monsoon season around June to September there is heavy rainfall observed.

Image Courtesy - www.haldiaonline.in
Image Courtesy – www.haldiaonline.in

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit Haldia is during autumn, winter and spring, when cool breeze touches the coastline and the tourists derive delight out of it.

How to reach:

Haldia is 122 Kms from Kolkata and It takes almost three hours to reach Haldia by road. The bus fare is very reasonable and is the fastest mode of transport.
Haldia has good train facilities and is well linked with different parts of the country. It has its own train station named as Haldia Railway Station.

Image Courtesy - www.kolkataonwheels.com
Image Courtesy – www.kolkataonwheels.com

Must see places:

Haldia port: The port helps in linking the capital to the town and the tourists can find number of ships approaching and departing with cargoes.

Smriti Soudha: It is a four storied yellow color building which has the collection of old photographs, statues, paintings of the freedom movement era. It also has a huge library with numerous books of colonial period.

Haldia Bhavan: Governed by the Haldia Development Authority one of the best and most luxurious guest house in Haldia is located on more than 5acre of land. It has 8 numbers of suits and 8 ordinary rooms.  The tourists can have a view of the ships from the balcony of this guest house.

Kukrahati: It is the gateway to the port city, Haldia and is situated at the side of the Hooghly river. The tourists can even enjoy the ferry ride over here.
Balughat River side sunset Point: It is a very calm and serene riverine beach where the tourists can enjoy sun-rise and sun-sets.

Haldia Dock: It is the place where loading and unloading of cargoes is a regular activity.  It is a real fun to watch the ships arriving and then going away.

Nayachar (Meen dweep): Nayachar is basically an island situated on the opposite site of Haldia town, on the confluence of river Haldi and Hooghly. Nayachar which is also known as Meendweep is connected with Haldia by Ferry Service in the district of Purba Medinipur. Natural beauty of the place attracts the tourists. The tourists here have added attraction of viewing sprawling water bodies of Benfish and WBFC fisheries projects.

What to do:

It is an ideal place for all the nature lovers and tourists where the spirituality and mysticism of the nature can be closely observed. The flowing river changes its color with the changing shades of the sun. The reflection of red sun-rising and sun-setting sky on the water beautifies the revering and this   mesmerizing natural beauty makes Haldia the perfect place for photography.

How to get around:

There are different modes of transport in Haldia like Car, Train, Bus, Taxi, Van rickshaw and the Ferry ride which are easy to avail. Taxi can be hired for a fixed period of time from the hiring agencies and it is the best way of transportation in Haldia as you can take all the time you need to appreciate the various attractions.

Where to stay:

There are lots of hotels and guest houses in Haldia and you can easily extend your one day trip to a two days vacation and stay back to enjoy the environment. the price of hotel starts from Rs500for budget hotels  and can extend upto Rs7000 depending upon the type of the hotel you want to stay in.

The Golden Retreat (03224252020), The Golden Harvest (9830020465), The Royal Harbour (9434010786 / 03224-276053) are few of the good luxury hotels  with centrally air-conditioned superior deluxe rooms and suites. The price range is Rs 3000 – 7000.

Some of the budget hotels are hotel Dreamland, Hotel Balaji , Hotel Portland, Hotel Sagar, Golden Palace and the room costs around Rs 400 – 2000.

Travel tips:

Haldia can be covered in a single day and is famous as a picnic spot. You can enjoy the sun set on the banks of the Rupnarayan river and come back on the same day. But it is recommended to stay one night to enjoy the evening on the bank of Haldi river.