Gopegarh Eco-Tourism Centre

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Gopegarh, is a famous Eco Tourism Centre as well as Heritage Historical destination situated on the bank of river Kangsabati or Kansai in Paschim (West) Medinipur district of Bengal. It is about 135 Km. away from Kolkata. The Fort of the Kings of “Gope Dynasty” was located here in Gopegarh where from the place gets its name, but now it has been transformed into an Eco Tourism Centre. The Eco Park has been developed & maintained by West Bengal Forest Department. The scenic beauty of the place will leave you spell bound.

Weather around the Year:

The summers are warm with the maximum temperature rising to 42 degree celsius . The winter season remains comfortable and the minimum temperature of this season is 10 degree celsius.

Best Time to Visit:

The place can be visited at any time of the year but its better to avoid the rainy seasons.

How to Reach:

The Gopegarh Ecopark is located at about 25 Km. north of ‘Kharagpur’ and 5 Km. from Medinipur (Midnapore) town. In order to go to Gopegarh, first you need to reach at ‘Medinipur’ station by train from Howrah. Gopegarh is just 5 Km. away from Medinipur. Auto rickshaws and Buses are frequently available at Midnapore town to go to Gopegarh eco tourism park.

Image Courtesy - anikmid/
Image Courtesy – anikmid/

Local Attractions:

You can go to see the ruins of the ancient Fort of Gope King.
The fort is inside a beautiful Eco Park. There are rich Sal Tree Plantations, Arboretum & a nice lake in the eastern part of the park where as the western part is more beautifully decorated & well maintained. In the western part, there is a beautiful lush green Flower Garden, a Rock Garden, a Nursery, Children Park, two Cottages (available for rent), one Canteen & the ruins of the old Fort. Above the Fort there are different kind of trees and flowering plants like Duranda, Vacaranda, as well as Tekosa, which adds more beauty to the park. There is a watch tower inside the park, which offers the bird eye view of the surroundings. The car parking facility is available here.

There is a rail bridge over the River Kansai which is worth watching because, when the train passes by the bridge that is the only sound that breaks the peaceful silence of the place.

What to Do:

You can relax amidst by sitting in the lush green nature and take a walk in the garden above the fort.  A stroll on the flowerbeds in the evening and the peaceful surrounding will soothe your mind. Standing on the Watch Tower, you can see the entire park & the Kangsabati (Kansai) river valley.
Boat riding facilities are available in the lake inside the Eco Park.

Image Courtesy - nilanjan1978/
Image Courtesy – nilanjan1978/

Where to Stay:

You can stay in the forest bungalows and guest houses available in Gopegarh.  The bungalows provide good accommodation and are also equipped with good dining facilities.

Must visit Nearby Places:

Arabari forest range is a must visit nearby location from Gopegarh as it is the habitat of wild Elephants which comes from the forest of Dalma range and enters into the Arabari Forest. It is 35 Km. away from Gopegarh and takes about one hour by car.

You can also visit Gangani (Gongoni), which is known as the “Grand Canyon of Bengal” and is just 55 Km. far from Gopegarh. It is a naturally formed river gorge of red soil, located on the bank of the River Shilabati (Shilai) near Garhbeta town of West Medinipur.