Get spooked at Begunkodor: Bengal’s Haunted Railway Station

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    Did ghost stories excite you as a kid? Were you the one who never felt alone in the dark? Are you someone who gets a rush hearing about paranormal activities? If the answer to all or any of the above questions is a YES then read on…


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    Of all the spooky places around the world, the spookiest lies 50 kilometres on the outskirts of Bengal’s Purulia district, Begunkodor. A station you’ll wish you never pass through on your next train journey. What will intrigue you at the onset is the weird name, Begunkodor and why there is a railway station here to begin with. The story began back in the 1960’s. Back in the 1960’s the joint efforts of the Railways and the then Queen of Santalis ensured that this place got connected to the rest of the world. But 7 years later unforeseen and un-explainable troubles started pouring in. People soon complained of numerous paranormal activities. From the locals of the small village to railway employees, everyone had only one story to tell.

    Legend has it that one night, the then station master saw a lady in white saree walking along the tracks. He went & told people about it, but nobody believed him. But sadly for them reality turned out to be stranger than fiction, when the dead bodies of the station master and his family were discovered soon after in their quarters. Rumours or facts however you may see it, spread like wild fire.

    Hoax or not, the world’s 8th largest employer in the world chose not to take chances; Indian Railways abandoned this station for about 40 years. But in 2009 the then railway minister and current Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee re-opened the station to aid the welfare of the local people. Locals were happy but soon started complaining about paranormal activities again.

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    Some say they have seen that lady in white saree while others said they have collided into things with no physical existence. If it were not the eerie voices in the air that worried people, it was the surprising spike in the instances of fire and unexplained losses. All these instances lead to the station becoming non-functional again, with no full time workers and only two trains. Even the part-time ticket seller enters the station only after a daily puja and scampers as soon as the 5:45 pm Ranchi-Chandrapura-Dhanbad Passenger train leaves.

    But not everyone is spooked by this. Some like Basudeb Acharya, former chairman of the Parliament’s standing committee on railways has argued that railway employees had made up the story to avoid being posted there, “It is all man-made!”

    Irrespective of which side you choose to be on, these myths actually make for great journey stories and heroic feats for those who have actually been there. Would you dare to find out? Let us know in the comments below. Oh and by the way…