For Christmas: The Classic Cake Makers of Calcutta

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It’s that time of the year when the heart yearns for cake. And cakes replace the otherwise essential Mishtis on the guest plate every time. While most of the city head to departmental stores to get their share of cake, there are some who swear by bakeries, some of whom have achieved cult status over time. Here’s a list of the most famous bakeries in town.




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Apart from the quality and taste it’s more famous due to its heritage as being the only surviving Jewish bakery in the city. A trip to New Market during Christmas season would be incomplete without cakes and pastries from Nahoum.




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Located at 19, Nawab Abdur Rahman St, Taltala, Kolkata, Saldanhas are home bakers who have converted their house into a cake shop and a bakery and throughout the year produce the finest confectionaries. This shop is subjected to a series or myths and legends when it comes to bakery products. Due to its limited presence which is just a single outlet in an obscure corner of the city, it’s not frequented by many but only a select few swear by the quality and taste of Christmas Cakes from this shop.




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Located at New Market (SS Hogg Market), Great Eastern Bakery closed its doors after the Great Eastern Hotel shut down. It was only after the revival of the Great Eastern Hotel did this outlet reopen its doors. Great Eastern Hotel had one of the finest bakeries in British India and if you ever happen to visit the hotel then you can still see the old bakery utensils and equipment being kept on the display.




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Not many know of this shop at New Market but for some this shop sells some of the cheapest Christmas cakes in New Market region. It has its own dedicated clientele who would swear by its taste and it also supplies many smaller shops across the city.




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Right opposite to Imperial we have Mullick, which just like Imperial caters to its own exclusive clientele. The coconut, peanut, dry, chocolate cookies from this shop which are sold as per weight are great take homes. You can try the rose cookies which you may think are made with rose, but then, it’s not. Check out for yourself.



During its heyday Barua bakery’s name would be with taken alongside of Nahoum. A Christmas without a cake from Baruas at 123, Lenin Sarani was incomplete. During the 40’s till the 70’s its cakes were synonymous with taste and quality. This bakery was started in the year 1928 however, without any expansion; it fell behind but still caters to a different income group now who keep visiting this shop because of its price advantage.




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This good old Kolkata-based bakery was the first amongst the big bakeries in Kolkata to try out the franchisee model to expand. Its main and original shop is the one at New Market on Mirza Ghalib Street (Free School Street). In fact its main bakery is right next to it at Cowai Lane. Though due to high Christmas demand, they now outsource their production.




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It’s probably the only name that comes to mind first but Flury’s products are expensive in terms of quality and quantity. Its prime location on Park Street makes it have its own charm during the festive season.


But if you are planning to bake for your loved ones, here’s how you can bake your own: