Football & Rain : A Bengalis’ Love Story


It’s Monsoon in Bengal. Ask any Bengali about the things they love most about the monsoons and you will find every boy between 6-60 years, that kicking a football in the rain-soaked, muddy fields is one of the best times they spent in the rain . Though for some this has become just a memory, children and adults are still able to relive the rain with the game they love most around the city.

2nd pic_tcs football
The passion for football is nothing new to Bengalis, as it dates back as early as the time the British first started playing the game in the open Maidan grounds of Kolkata and since the time a Bengali man first kicked the ball back from the sidelines, the game became a part of every Bengali household to such an extent that no extent of scolding, injuries or calamities could prevent the excitement of playing football in the rain.

3rd pic_main-qimg

Oh the joy of scoring a goal in a pool of mud… Even street football is so much fun in the rain.

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Image Courtesy: Flicker

One had to be very skillful to pass the ball to teammates through waterlogged fields. Also the ideal time to master the sliding tackles. Hope these images take you back to your best memories or make you hit the rain clad fields today…