Five Mouth-Watering Bengali Snacks


Kolkata, a.k.a. the city of joy, has an un-ending list of mouth watering snacks. These snacks are commonly known as Jol Khabar among Bengalis. These Jol Khabars are a Bengali’s ultimate respite to escape from the hectic rigour of day to day life. Here is a list of 5 most tempting Bengali snacks to kick-start your dull evenings.


Who knew the puffed rice can be so enticing until a Bengali discovered the eternal favourite Jhal Muri.  Wait, Jhal Muri or Masala Muri? No matter what we call it, it is the queen of all Bengali snacks. In addition to puffed rice, steamed potato and nuts n all, it has an added zing from a dash of mango pickle oil. The strong smell, sweet & sour taste of the oil will drive your taste buds crazy transporting you back to the glorious memories of your school days. So, whether it’s a date or a hangout plan with your friends, Jhal Muri is your perfect munch.

Image Courtesy: quora
Image Courtesy: quora


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Once upon a time a foreigner visited a kebab paradise and asked a guy to quickly pack a paratha and beef steak. An intelligent Bengali cook packed it all together to create the first ever “Kati Roll”. The Kati Roll has different variations now. The most popular variation till date is the humble yet exotic “Egg Roll”. It has the capacity to charm any Bengali passing through a roll shop into instant hunger over its drool worthy taste. Still not convinced? Grab one today and experience the surreal magic of the Kati Roll.


Don’t judge a book by its cover they said, we say let’s not judge a food by its name, especially when it’s our darling Dimer Devil. Why such a tempting food ended up with a named like this we don’t know, but we can assure you that this tempting delicacy is almost god sent! Dimer devil or the egg devil is one of the most pocket-friendly, easily available and mouth watering street food you will come across on the streets of Bengal. It is best complimented with a steaming cup of tea. So if you’re hosting a tea party or need a tempting appetizer for your party, this is the best option. Take our word for it.

Image Courtesy: spicy world
Image Courtesy: spicy world


Bengal’s revolutionary ideas were originally born out of intellectual brainstorming over steaming cups of tea and Tele Bhaja. True to tradition, even today Bengalis first love in evening snacks is the humble but hot Tele Bhaja. “Tele Bhaja” is basically the Bengali word for fritters. It comes in different variants like potato a.k.a “Alur Chop”, onion a.k.a. “Peyanji” and brinjal a.k.a. “Beguni” to name a few. These are thinly sliced vegetables dipped in gram flour and deep fried in mustard oil. You can pair them perfectly with tea, puffed rice and the buzz of evening adda. Its A3 factor (Affordable, Available and Alluring), will make you crave it over n over. #TelebhajaForLife

Image Courtesy: go bengal
Image Courtesy: go bengal


Finally Bengali’s snack list is incomplete without Phuchka. Phuchka, a Bengali version of Mumbai’s Pani Puri or Delhi’s Golpappa, is the most famous street food of Bengal. These are tangy or sweet flavour bombs that are a guilty pleasure for even the toughest health freak. Imagine a flour ball stuffed with spicy mashed potato, chillies, tamarind water etc melting in your mouth, taking your taste buds on a zesty roller coaster ride. Mmmm… the best part a spicy aftertaste to blow your mind! This exquisite taste of Phuchka makes it the favourite snack across ages eight to eighty.

Image Courtesy: spoonuniversity
Image Courtesy: spoonuniversity

If this list has made you go slurp, lick or drool, then stop waiting and start planning your next trip to the humble neighbourhood snack shop. For a true foodie every time is snack time. Share this proudly with your friends and let them know what they are missing out on.

What is your favourite snack time delicacy? Tell us in the comments below.