Fantastic Chanachur Makers of Kolkata and Where to Find Them


    Chanachur is a combination of sweet, sour and spicy flavors and has ingredients such as lentils, peas, chickpea flour noodles etc. Back in the days Chanachur with ‘Muri’ or ‘Chire’ was the evening staple. But a Bengali’s love for chanachur has stood the test of time, thanks to these classic chanachur makers of Kolkata.


    Sabitri Dalmoot Store

    Located inside the Hogg Market, few munchies have a fabled status like this one. Even Satyajit Ray mentions this Dalmoot shop in his immortal Feluda series. Sabitri Dalmoot Store’s unique Palhari/Agra Dalmoot and Meetha Chanachur have earned them a steady fan following over the last 125 years.


    Shankar Lal Snacks

    For 90 years, Shankar Lal Snacks has been serving mouthwatering Chanachur, a tasty mixture of eight ingredients including papri, chura, badam, etc. This Gujarati bhujia shop is currently run by brothers, Ramji and Lakshman Singh at Ezra Street.


    Ujjala Chanachur

    This is perhaps the only chanachur shop in south Kolkata that one can easily identify. A small shop nestled between Kalighat and Hazra crossing, its consistent taste and distinctive identity has earned “Ujjalar Chanachur” a cult status in 80 years.


    Podder Chanachur

    Another classic north Kolkata place for hot and spicy chanachur is Podder Chanchur of Girish Park. They have a variety of tasty munchies that they have been serving eager customers since 1965. Their jhal or teekha chanachur is a top seller that tastes like pure bliss! #nomnom


    Bom Bhole Chanachurer Dokan

    This is a landmark chanachur shop in North Kolkata. If you are in Hatibagan, just ask any local guy and he will take you straight to it. This is perhaps the only shop to remain open beyond midnight, (usually from 8:30 pm to 1 am), serving a true Bengali mixture spiced up with chili, ginger & lemon juice.


    The Sanjay Savorites

    Going strong since 1981, this popular chanchur shop of Golpark, The Sanjay Savorites, is known for a special mixture comprising bhujia, badam, dalmoot and some special masalas. Regulars say their chanachur mixtures are absolutely unique. We know you would love to find out. #Foodtrail