Durga Puja Nirghanta 2015 – Chennai

Date & Time Puja Days Rituals
12th October (Monday) (24th Ashwin, 1422) Mahalaya Torpon within 9:28 am.
18th – 19th October
(Sunday – Monday)
(30th Ashwin – 1st Kartik, 1422)
Tithi schedule:
18th Oct. 10:34 am. – 19th Oct. 10:23 am.
Maha Shasthi “Amantran” and “Adhibas”. In the evening, “Bilva Nimantran”, “Shasthyadi Kalparambho” & Devi Durga “BODHON”.
(Within 9:53 am. on 19th Oct.)
19th – 20th October
(Monday – Tuesday)
(1st – 2nd Kartik, 1422)
Tithi schedule:
19th Oct. 10:23 am. – 20th Oct 09:43 am.
Maha Saptami Predawn bathing & installation of “Kola Bou” or “Nabo Patrika”, “Saptamyadi Kalparambho” & “Saptami Bihito Puja”
(Within 9:43 am. on 20th Oct.)
Midnight Puja of Devi Durga
(from 11:24 pm. to 12:12 am.)
20th – 21st October
(Tuesday – Wednesday)
(2nd – 3rd Kartik, 1422)
Tithi schedule:
20th Oct. 09:43 am. – 21st Oct. 08:35 am.
Maha Ashtami Ashtami Kalparambho & Ashtami Bihito Puja
(Within 8:11 am.)
Birastami Brata
(Within 8:35 am.)
Sandhi Puja
(8:11 am. – 8:59 am.)
Ritual of Sacrifice
(after 8:35 am.) on 21st Oct.
21st – 22nd October
(Wednesday – Thursday)
(3rd – 4th Kartik, 1422)
Tithi schedule:
21st Oct 08:35 am. – 22nd Oct 07:04 am.
Maha Nabami Nabami Kalparambho & Nabami Bihito Puja
(Within 7:04 am.) on 22nd Oct.
22nd October (Thursday)
(4th Kartik, 1422)
Tithi schedule:
22nd Oct 07:04 am. – 23rd Oct 05:13 am.
Vijaya Dashami Dashami Bihito Puja, Bisharjan Ritual (in between 7:04 am. – 9:52 am.) on 22nd Oct.
After that the “Sindoor Khela” & Immersion process can be done).

Goddess Durga’s mode of journey to the earth is detailed in scriptures. The modes are – Elephant, Horse, Palanquin & Boat. All signify luck or omen which influence the life on earth. The elephant signifies prosperity and good harvest while journey on a horse back indicates drought, a palanquin spells wide spread epidemic and the boat suggests flood and misery.

This year the Goddess Durga will arrive on a ‘Horse’ and depart on a ‘Palanquin’. Goddess Durga’s arrival on a horse suggests ‘Affray & Drought’, while her departure on a palanquin spells ‘Wide spread epidemic’.

Panjika is perhaps the most forgotten yet important material required for the Durga Puja. The Panjika enables us to know about each and every minute detail regarding the Puja of Goddess Durga.

Days are counted based on sunrise and sunset while ‘Tithi’ depends on the rising and setting of the moon.

Sandhi Puja is performed counting ‘Tithi’. Sasthi, Saptami, Nabami and Dashami pujas are performed after sunrise even if they fall in the previous evenings.