Don’t miss the Calcutta Derby this Sunday!

Image Courtesy: Soumya RoyChowdhury

The premier Horse racing event in Kolkata is to take place on the 1st of January this New Year. It is not only the first day of January, 2017 but also the first Sunday of the year. Being such a perfect winter Sunday, you could head off to the RCTC with your loved ones to enjoy an exciting day out.


Image Courtesy: Soumya RoyChowdhury


The Royal Calcutta Turf Club is a two-story Palladian-style building dating to the early 19th century and maintained in perfect condition.


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The race course today has three viewing stands. The main pavilion has three tiers, with elaborate turrets and railings of wrought iron. All the old European architecture is to be reveled on even the lobby and the rest area below are complete with beautiful vintage style décor.


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The racing event is one filled with thrill and excitement, because people have their favorite horses that they bet for or just support or cheer on. The adrenaline and energy around the club is so addictive that you are sure to catch on.


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Image Courtesy: Soumya RoyChowdhury


The lush green gardens adorned with exotic flowers around the club are very well maintained and you can spend some quality time around as well.


Image Courtesy: Soumya RoyChowdhury


There race course overlooks the wide Maidan area and the majestic Victoria Memorial palace, so being on the stand gets you a great view of green Kolkata surroundings.


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If you want to try out betting as well, there are people who guide you to the best practices, they will give you a know how of the horses, their breeds and their records to help you with your first betting experience.


Image Courtesy: Soumya RoyChowdhury


All in all, a day out with your loved ones at Royal Calcutta Turf Club could be a perfect way to spend the first day of the year, making memories and having an all new experience.


Image Courtesy: Soumya RoyChowdhury