Darjeeling Carnival


Darjeeling Carnival is a ten-day long carnival arranged in the town of Darjeeling in the month of November. The entire city is full of a new life and spirit of togetherness and belonging apart from celebrations and festivities.

The carnival consists of several functions like adventure sports, kite flying competitions, folk dances like the mask dance of Nepal, poetry-reading sessions, painting and photo exhibitions, tea-drinking ceremonies, a Land Rover rally, music concerts and ethnic food festivals and also musings like the momo eating competition.

The Carnival was started by a group of young people in Darjeeling known as the “Darjeeling Initiative”, and its main purpose was to get over the violent agitation in the eighties amongst the youth of Darjeeling. The organisers have taken it upon themselves to make it a thumping success every year. The carnival is usually held in the month of November every year. Darjeeling being famous with local Rock Bands, the music concerts are especially popular among the people. The event is a product of the initiative taken by the residents of Darjeeling to imbibe fresh life among the people after a long period of political strife that plagued the town and affected its economy. The entire community of Darjeeling comes together and displays the uniqueness of a diverse culture living together united.