Chinsurah (Chunchura )

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Chinsurah (also known as Chunchura or Chunchro) is a city in the state of West Bengal is 35 kilometers north from Kolkata. It lies beside the Hooghly River (River Ganges). It is located in the district of Hooghly and is home to the district headquarters. Chuchura houses the Commissioner of the Burdwan Range. It forms a part of the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA) region. It is famous for age old heritage buildings which were built during the time it served as trading port for Portuguese and Dutch. Chinsurah played a major role in Bengal Renaissance and the Indian Independence Movement.

Weather around the year:

It has Tropical monsoon weather. The summers are warm over here and the hottest months are april may and june when the temperature ranges from 23degree Celsius to 35degree Celsius . In winter which continues from November till February the temperature varies from 13degree Celsius to 24degree Celsius.

Best Time to Visit:
You can visit Chinsurah throughout the year but as the summers are hot and exhausting tourists prefer to visit during winter season.

How to Reach:

You can reach Chinsurah by train as it has has three railway stations- Chinsurah (CNS) and Hooghly on the Howrah railway-line and Hooghly Ghat (HYG) on the Sealdah railway line. The Chinsurah railway station is well connected to Howrah, Bandel, Burdwan, and other cities.
The Hooghly Ghat station is situated just beside the Jubilee Bridge, which plays as a connector between the eastern and the western side of the Ganges.

Must See Places:
The places of interest here are octagonal Dutch Church built in 1678, Dutch Cemetery to a little west, three ruined barracks of the East India Company, Shandeswar Shiva Temple, the residence of Dutch General (Now known as  Mohsin College) and the Armenian Church built in 1695.

Another attraction of Chinsurah is “Bandemataram House” at Joraghat where The famous song Bandemataram was composed by the great literary figure Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay. Recently Dutch Govt. has renovated Court, Commissioner’s Bungalow, Circuit House, bank of the river Ganga, Cemetery—the fortress of Satbibi as a symbol of friendship and their past association with Chinsurah. There are also certain very old Portuguese edifices.

Must visit Nearby Places:

Bandel church: You can visit the Bandel church (Basilica) which is at a distance of 6 kms from Chinsura . It is one of the oldest, attractive and prestigious Christian churches of the state. The church has three altars, several tomb stones, a small organ and a shrine of Mother Mary. The statue of ”One lady of Happy Voyage” is in the middle of the church.

Imambara: Hooghly “Imambara” is 5 kms away from Chinsura. The building was started in the year 1841 in the memory of the great philanthropist Hazi Muhammad Mohsin & was completed in the year 1861 at the cost of Rs.2,17,413 including a clock procured from England at  the cost of Rs.11,721. The two storied building consisting ranged rooms having a wide entrance of  main gate flanked by two nos. of giant towers measuring 85 ft. tall (which offers spectacular views of the Hooghy river including the Jubilee Bridge) & a massive clock tower in between them. A mosque, the walls of which are decorated by the texts from the Holy Koran, is situated at the north side of the building.

Debanandapur : It is one of the seven important villages that was named “saptagram” during the mughal rule is just 4 km from Chinsura. It is the birthplace of famous writer Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay and you can visit his dwelling house which includes a library named “Sarat Smriti Pathagar” and a museum room containing the things used by the famous writer.

Sahaganj:  A unit of Dunlop India Ltd. is located in Sahaganj which is 4km from Bandel  Station.

Tribeni : Tribeni is 9km from Chinsura on the Bandel-Katwa line. It is said that, Tribeni is the junction of three holy rivers – the Ganges, the Yamuna, and the Sarasvati. So it was an ancient holy pilgrimage for the Hindus. Tribeni is 8 km from Bandel on the Bandel-Katwa line. Tribeni Tissues Limited, a specialty paper manufacturing company and a major supplier of tissue paper to the cigarette industry, is located at Tribeni. It was taken over by ITC in 1990. In Tribeni, tourist can also visit the beautiful “Zafar Khan Ghazi Mosque and Dargah” which is considered as one of the most ancient Muslim monuments in Bengal.

What to Do:
For Kolkata dwellers Chinsurah is a nice spot for picnic with friends and family. You can spend your time by sightseeing. Also keep your cameras handy as the old buildings and forts provide excellent photographic opportunities.

How to Get around:

There are various options of transport available like Bus, auto & cycle rickshaws.

Where to Stay:

There are convenient lodging and dining places around Chinsurah, the most famous being Welcome Hotel and Taj Bengal.

Travel Tips:

People usually go to chinsura for one day but if you wish to spent more time you can book a hotel for the weekend and enjoy a few more days amidst the refreshing nature.