Chhanar Payesh


Chhanar Payesh is an exclusive Bengali dessert made of small Rashogollas dipped in a milk cream. It looks very similar to Rasomalai, but the Rashogollas here are small and round shaped where as in Rasomalai, its shape is different.  The Rashogollas, which tastes like soft cheese balls, melts in your mouth and sweet and thickened milk oozes out of them in every bite. The Payesh made thickened by putting the small Rashogollas in it and saffron is added in it to give a beautiful golden hue with hint of cardamom for the aroma and subtle flavor.


Chhanar Payesh is an age old heritage sweet dish and is believed to be innovated in a small village of Bangladesh about 900 years ago.  This sweet is still very popular in “Sherpur” village of Bangladesh and about 200 kg of Chhanar Payesh has been made every day.


Chhana / Paneer (Cottage Cheese), Water, Sugar, Whole Milk, Heavy Cream, Pinch of Saffron, Cardamom powder, chopped Pistachios.

Historical Facts:  

The sweet was first introduced in Kolkata about 800 years from now when the Zamindars of the village of “Sherpur” used to buy the sweet and then brought it to Kolkata.

Interesting Facts:

The earlier Governor of Pakistan, “Mr.  Monayem Khan” was greeted with this sweet when he had come to visit “Sherpur” for the first time.

Present Scenario:

At present, Chanar Payesh has mostly becomes a homemade sweet dish and is not very common in Bengali Sweet Shops. It is a very popular sweet which is commonly found in any Bengali occasion like birthdays, marriages and other celebrations. This cardamom and rose flavoured thick creamy dessert when served with chopped nuts is a delight to eat.