Bijoya Dashami


Bijoya Dashami” is the 5th & concluding day of the Durga Puja festival when Devi Durga must return to her abode on Mt. Kailash with her children. A feeling of gloom hangs in the air as we prepare to bid her goodbye.
Before she begins on her journey, married women flock to the pandals to apply sindoor (vermilion) on the forehead of Devi and greet her with sweets and betel leaves, asking her to return to her paternal house next year. This ritual called “Devi Baran” is akin to the one practiced when a Bengali bride after her wedding officially leaves her father’s home to go to her husband’s. After the “Devi Baran” ritual, the married women are getting involved in another interesting ritual known as “Sinoor Khela”. In this joyous ritual, the married women are smearing the vermilion on each others face & celebrates the closing ceremony of the most awaited Bengali festival.

The final event is the immersion of the goddess in the Hooghly (Ganges) River which signifies that she will take that route to go back to her heavenly abode.

Specific items are needed for each day of Durga Puja. There is a detailed method to worshiping Goddess Durga that are mentioned in the scriptures. Items which are needed for the ritual worship of the goddess should be collected beforehand so that the ritual is performed smoothly. After the completion of the immersion process, all the Bengali people greets each other by saying Shubho Bijoya in order to wish a good fortune.

Items needed for the Dashami puja of Goddess Durga:

For the Dashami puja : Perfume, flowers, durba grass, basil leaves, bel leaves, incense sticks, an earthen lamp, noibedyo, curd, murki, sweets and items needed for aarati.