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Bakkhali, located in the South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. It is a part of the deltaic islands which are spread across the southern part of Bengal. The beach is connected to the Frasergunj (Frazerganj) beach and the twin beach has casuarina forests which forms a continuous line. Bakkhali has a south facing crescent shaped beach which is one of the rare ones in the world and it offers great views of both sunrise and sunset. Bakkhali beach is famous for the calm and quiet ambience as it is far from the maddening crowd. The tourists, who wish to spend a few days in a peaceful environment beside the sea, can find Bakkhali to be a good choice for a weekend tour.

Weather around the year:

A moderate sunny weather prevails in Bakhhali throughout the year. The sea neither allows the temperature to rise too high or decrease too below the comfort zone.

Best Time to Visit:

You can visit Bakkhali round the year. Nevertheless, winter should be the time you can enjoy can enjoy the observing the Bakkhali beach to its fullest as the weather remains most pleasant during that time.

How to Reach:

Railway: Namkhana is the nearest railway station from Bakkhali and you will find a lot of regular trains from Sealdah which will take you to Namkhana via Lakshmikantapur and Kakdwip . From Namkhana you will have to take a van to reach the creek which you will need to cross in a small boat.  After crossing the creek you have to board a bus which will take to directly to Bakkhali in an hour.

Roadway: WBSTC has regular bus service from Dharmatala to Bakkhali. You can also travel by car and it takes abour 4 to 5 Hrs to cover 125 Km. You need to go via Diamond Harbour and Kakdwip to Namkhana, where the car or bus has to be transported across the Hatania-Doania river creek in a special ferry. The ferry service is available from 7AM to 11PM, except from 12 noon till 1:45PM.

Local Attractions:

You can go to see the ‘Bishalakkhi Temple’ situated at the end of the Bakkhali main beach.

You can take a van rickshaw to visit the beautiful ‘Henry Island’. It is a lonely & peaceful island surrounded by mangrove forest, which offers a mental relaxation and pleasure to the tourists. There is a Watch Tower, which is also a prime attraction for the tourists. From the watch tower you can experience a panoramic view of the whole sea beach & the mangrove forest, which is fascinating.

You can visit the ‘Crocodile Park’ and ‘Mangrove Forest’ which are just beside the Bakkhali Bus stop is also worth seeing.

Must visit Nearby Places:

Frasergunj (Frazerganj) is a must visit from Bakhali which is just 8 Km. away. Frasergunj and Bakkhali had share a twin beach and you can reach Frasergunj if you keep walking through the Bakkhali beach towards Frasergunj. But for doing this you have to cover a long distance which is a very much hectic journey also.

Frasergunj is famous for their Pisiculture (Fishery) Division and also has high preference among the bird watchers as there you can see various colorful migratory birds, which include, gulls, terns, Chestnut-winged Cuckoo, Sea Eagles, Black-capped and Collared Kingfishers and Hobby. There are guest houses available in Frazerganj so if you want to spent a few days over here you can book a room beforehand and enjoy yourself in the unexploited pristine beach of Frazerganj.

You can visit the ‘Benfish Fishing Harbour‘ which is 25 mins journey from Bakkhali.

You can also visit ‘Jambu Dweep‘, which requires a 2 Hrs. boat ride from “Benfish Fishing Harbour”. It is a small uninhabited and forested island out in the sea.

What to Do:

Bakkhali beach is an ideal place for you to sit and relax. The beach provides excellent photographic opportunities. The Bakkhali Sea Beach is the home of innumerable Red Crabs.

You can take a tour as there are lots of sightseeing options in Bakkhali and also nearby.

How to Get around:

The hotel will arrange a car for you if you wish to go for local sightseeing. You can also hire cars from Diamond Harbour. Other than that there are cycle rickshaws which will take you to all the local tourist spots. You can take a ride on the launch/vessel from “Benfish Harbour” to visit Jambu Dweep.

Must Try Dishes:

Fresh fishes are the delicacy that is served in most of the hotels.
You must try the coconut water from the beach side shacks
The road side shacks also cooks delicious meals but you will have to give prior order if you want to have lunch or dinner there as the place does not have a steady flow of  tourists they do not maintain steady menu. The crab preparation of Adi Parijat hotel also deserves special mention.

Where to Stay:

There are lots of good hotels in Bakkhali but none provides sea facing rooms. You can choose from Joyguru Abasan, Bakkhali Tourist Lodge, Hotel icon Heritage, Hotel Dolphin and many others. The accommodation cost ranges from Rs. 400 to 3000 depending upon the room quality.

Travel Tips:

Frasergunj (Frazerganj) and Henry Island are located very close to Bakkhali beach and they also have good staying facilities, so if you wish to spent a night somewhere outside Bakkhali, you can choose any one or both of these two spots. But keep it in mind, there is only one lodge/hotel is available at ‘Henry Island’.