“Abar Khaabo” Shondesh


Abar khaabo Shondesh is a very interesting & tasty desert, popular in Kolkata. It is a whitish, soft dry sweet (norom paak sandesh) made of Chhana (Cottage Cheese) with the filling of Khoya Kheer (Condensed Milk), Pistachio & Cashew nuts. One never counts while enjoying this sweet. “Abar Khaabo” Shondesh is so delicious that, if the sweet is delivered to your loved ones, whatever the reason is for her anger, it will melt her down immediately. “Bhim Chandra Nag” & “Naba Krishna Guin” two renowned sweet shops located in Kolkata are very popular for this alluring sweet.


This wonderful round shaped exquisitely made sweet “Abar Khaabo” Shondesh is actually invented in Kolkata specifically by “Shri Bhim Chandra Nag”. Literally, the meaning of “Abar Khaabo” is “Want to eat more” which actually means, the taste of this sweet is so nice that one cannot be stopped after eating just one piece. The sweet gained popularity for its wonderful taste and its unique name which was actually very relevant with the reality.


Chhana (Cottage cheese), Khoya (Condensed Milk), Sugar, Kesar (Saffron), Raisins, finely chopped Cashew nuts & Pistachios.

Interesting Facts:

The sweet gained worldwide popularity and won many prizes in different “Sweet Competitions” held in Kolkata.


Present Scenario:

Abar Khaabo” sweets are spreading its mouthwatering taste in Kolkata as well as in different parts of West Bengal.  This delicacy is a “must try sweet’ during your visit at Kolkata.