Aadya Peath Temple


Address: Dakshineswar Ramkrishna Sangha Adyapeath, Kolkata 700 076, West Bengal.

Aadya Peath Temple is another famous Kali temple, was built by Shri Annada thakur, a spiritual man, had strange visions and dreams. Dreams of four girls carrying the image of Goddess Kali, which was invisible to all but Annada. Another dream was that of a sannyasin telling him to shave his head and to take bath in the Ganges. Then Sri Ramakrishna himself came in his dreams. Ramakrishna told him to shave his head and to look for an idol of Goddess Kali at a particular place. He couldn’t refuse this. And Annada and his three companions found the idol. Anna stated worshiping her in his house, as the word spread, devotees from all around the city came over to make offerings.
Three men also came from Calcutta Museum. They offered money and said that it was an antique. Later Annada confirmed from a sadhu that the idol was indeed an antique and originated in antiquity in a temple in the district of Gaya.Then the strangest dreams all began, Goddess Kali herself appeared and commanded him to immerse the idol into the Ganges. He refused. She enumerated sixteen reasons for its immersion. Annada could not reason any longer. So he photographed the image and gave it to any devotee who wanted it. Goddess kali continued coming in his dreams. Shri Ramakrishna also kept visiting in his dreams. In 1919 Sri Ramakrishna told him that the objective of Annada’s life is to establish a temple of the devine mother Adya Ma. And Sri Ramakrishna also defined the temple. On January 14, 1921, a celebration was held, which is still celebrated at the temple as Siddhotsab. The same year a committee was formed for the establishment of the Dakshineswar Ramakrishna Sangha. In early 1927, the Sangha acquired a piece of land with some adjoining old Shiva temples, and on January 31, 1928, Annada Thakur broke ground for the temple on a compound of nearly 14 acres.