Rock Music Festival


Being the queen of the Dooars is a title that has been given to Alipurduar throughout the ages. The place is extremely beautiful and has so many cultural events & the music festivals that bring people together. One of the biggest draws is the MAT Fest, which is a famous rock music festival, where various rock bands are comes from different corners of West Bengal to perform. There are over 15 rock bands from Alipurduar itself. Generally, the event is being held at Alipurduar Municipality Hall. If you have your own band as well you can join in the numerous talents who go and perform in front of tens of thousands of people live. The atmosphere during the festival is truly breathtaking.

Alipurduar is one of the best places to go to if you love music and you will truly appreciate their culture if you visit the city during these festivals.

Schedule: The “MAT Fest” is usually held in the month of January.