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Roshogolla is the most celebrated desert in Bengali. It is widely entitled as the iconic sweet of West Bengal. Roshogolla is a round shaped sweet ball made of Chhana (Cottage Cheese) & plunged into sweet syrup. The taste of this delicious sweet is just like a desert made in heaven. It was the exclusive sweet of Bengal & had been spread all over the world by the name “Rasgulla”. However, the taste of the Bengal made “Roshogolla” (Rasgulla) is really unique & most charming.


In the year 1868, by holding the hand of Shri Nobin Chandra Das (a famous sweet maker of Kolkata) this wonderful invention came into our favorite dessert menu. Nobin Chandra Das was the father of Shri Krishna Chandra Das, who took the responsibility to make Roshogolla widely popular across the country. His son Shri Sarada Charan Das has established the famous Roshogolla brand “K. C. Das Pvt. Ltd.” in 1946, after the name of his father.


Chhana / Paneer (Cottage Cheese), White Flour (Maida) or Semolina (Sooji), Sugar or Jaggery, Water, Cardamom powder & Saffron (optional).

Interesting Facts:

Nobin Chandra Das is known as the “Father of Roshogolla” in Indian history. Back in the year 1868 it was difficult to market the invention. One day, Raibahadur Bhagwandas Bagla, a wealthy timber merchant of Kolkata was passing by Nobin Das’s sweet shop with his family in the carriage. A child came out of the cart and asked for a glass of water. Nobin Chandra offered his usual hospitality to him. The child was offered “Rossogolla” along with a glass of water. The child was so delighted that he shared it with his father. The father was equally thrilled, and immediately bought a large quantity of “Roshogolla” for his family and friends. Just after that, Nobin Chandra Das and his “Rossogolla” has become popular in Kolkata.

Many of the eminent Bengali personalities were fond of Nobin Chandra’s Rossogolla including Rabindranath Tagore, Shree Ramkrishna, Swami Vivekananda and many more.

Present Scenario:

Since its invention, there have been so many experimentation & innovation done with this widely popular sweet. Specially during the time of winter, when the “Nolen / Notun gur “ (date-palm jaggery) is being used in “Roshogolla” instead of sugar, the sweet do change its colour and taste accordingly which is the most popular form of Roshogolla available in West Bengal. “Roshogolla” is the precursor of many other Eastern Indian delicacies, such as Raj Bhog, Kamola Bhog, Chomchom, Rashomalai, Kheersagar, Pantua, Ledikeni, Malai Chop, Kheer Kadam, Rasho kadambo, and so on.

Roshogolla” is the leading one of those sweets which are widely available in all the sweet shops in every corner of West Bengal. In Kolkata there are so many renowned sweet shops, which has prepare the best quality Roshogolla & are famous for their own specialties. Few of them are – “Nobin Chandra Das & Sons” (at Shobha Bazar) & “Vien” (at Shakespeare Sarani) are popular for the ‘Regular & Nolen Gur-er Roshogolla’. “Chittaranjan Mistanna Bhandar” (at Shyambazar) & “K. C. Das” (at Esplanade) are famous for their ‘Spongy Roshogolla’. “Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick” (at Bhawanipur) is famous for their special ‘Baked Roshogolla’, “Nalin Chadra Das & Sons.” (at Hedua & Rashbehari Avenue) is popular for their ‘Chocolate Roshogolla’.

This sweet has gain a great popularity worldwide. So this sweet should be included in your “Must Try List” during your stay at Kolkata & you will definitely be a fan of this delicious dessert.