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Raabri is a much loved sweet dish which is made by the creamy layer (skim) that floats on the top of boiling milk. The creamy layer (skim) is separated from the milk and kept aside till the whole milk boils down and this cream is used to make the mouth watering delicious sweet dish “Raabri”. It is basically the semi hard slices of the thick skim of milk suspended into the flavored condensed milk.


Milk, Sugar, Green Cardamom seeds, Kewra essence, Green Cardamom powder & Pistachio.

Historical Facts:
Raabri was introduced in Bengal originally from Varanasi where the sweet was very popular.

Interesting Facts:

A lot of milk is used to make this delicious sweet, due to this fact, Rabri was banned for a few years at Kolkata during the period of milk scarcity in Bengal.

Present Scenario:

Raabri is available in most of the sweet shops but you can taste the best Raabri in some of the old-age sweet shops of Kolkata like “Jadab Chandra Das”, “Balaram Mullick Radharaman Mullick” & many other renowned shops. Its popularity is not only concentrated here in Bengal but has spread far and wide across the country.