10 things you’ll find in every Bengali home


    While the world considers food, clothing and shelter as essentials for survival, the melodramatic culture loving Bengali adds “maach” more to the list. Here is a list of 10 things which you will definitely find in a Bengali’s place.

    1. The very first thing which you will get to see in a Bengali household is a laminated collage. The collage consists of images of three spiritual personalities – Sarada Devi, Swami Vivekananda and Sri Ramakrishna. Before leaving the house, touching their feet and seeking blessings is a binding order for them or else “Thakur paap deben” (God will curse you).


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     2. Every Bengali has a pet in their house called “Juju” which is basically an imaginary / make-believe figure that has haunted every kid since childhood! The child is not eating? Call juju. The child is not ready to sleep? Call juju. Uff! So much of work for juju!


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     3. While the rest of us have a “chair” which is our unofficial wardrobe hanger, Bengalis have an “Alna”. It’s a wooden wardrobe hanger in their bedroom which much like the chair can be pretty difficult to spot.


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     4. There is no wound that can’t be cured by Bengal’s legendary cure-all antiseptic “Boroline”. The only exception being a broken heart. Thus a tube of Boroline is an essential feature in every bengali’s first aid kit.


    Image Courtesy : Boroline

     5. Every dressing table in a Bengali household has a packet of safety pins. No matter, how much their dressing sense evolves, the beloved “Septi Pin” is a must.


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     6. Whether its fish curry or their lives, Bengalis love to spice up everything. So a jar of “Paanch-foron” is a mandatory ingredient in any true Bengali kitchen.


    Image Courtesy : Panch Foron

     7. If you ever get a chance to enjoy a sleepover at a Bengali friend’s house, you’ll meet their ultimate bedtime savior the mosquito net a.k.a. “Moshari”. From monsters under their beds, to mosquitoes everywhere else, this safe room inside a room will give you a unique sense of adventure.


    Image Courtesy : Image.Net

     8. There’s no bigger foodie than a Bengali and they are always prepared for the occasional acidity. “Malai Curry”, “Khichudi” or “Aloo Posto” they make sure the tummy faces no “Koshto”. Therefore a box of antacids like Gelusil, Pan D, Rantac etc is a common feature in a Bengali household.


    Image Courtesy : Travel Smile

     9. The winter wear which haunts every Bengali child is the “monkey cap”. Mothers swear by its
    magical powers. So much that if GoT happened in Bengal this would save them from the white- walkers! #Winteriscoming


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     10. Every Bengali carries the legacy of Rabindranath Tagore in their heart and home as well. It can
    be in the form of his pictures, collection of his books, songs etc. Tip – Want to put your Bengali friend in a dicey situation? Simple. Just ask them who’s greater: Tagore or Nazrul? #YoureWelcome


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    This was our list. Let us know if we missed any in the comments below.